“When I feel the heat, I see the light.” ― Everett Dirksen

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“We are the heat. Unless they hear our voices they will never see the light.” – Apryl Marie

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Apryl Marie Fogel


Pete Sessions
Former Congressman

“In politics, there are a lot of people who tell you what you want to
hear and go along to get along doing only what’s expected. Apryl Marie
isn’t one of those people. When you work with her, and I highly
recommend you do, you get a workhorse who will push back against the
status quo. She demands excellence from herself and those around her
and put principles above all else. Her work ethic is matched only by
her wit and the joy she finds in what she does. I’ve seen her in
action on over a half dozen congressional races and issue advocacy
campaigns and she’s relentless in her quest for victory.”

Elizabeth Patton
Former Managing Editor AL Today

“Few people have the opportunity to report to a boss who is not only a role model, but also a mentor — I do in working with Apryl Marie. Clearly interested in helping me grow as an employee, Apryl Marie has created boundless opportunities for me to grow within the Alabama Today family. Where others would have allowed their employees to stagnate, she’s found and created new challenges, giving me the opportunity to rise to each new occasion. Whenever I have questions or concerns, Apryl Marie responds right away—and even follows up later in the week or month to make sure my issues have been resolved. Her patience and willingness to help have continued to keep me motivated to do the best job I can. Apryl Marie is a superb manager and would be an asset to any team.”

Nicole Schlinger
CEO & Founder Campaign HQ

“Apryl Marie was a pleasure for our team at CampaignHQ to work with. She provided the information we needed and timely payment so we could meet and exceed expectations. She has a great sense of humor, too, which is very welcome in a busy, stressful campaign season.”

Paul Gosar
Congressman (R-AZ)

“Apryl Marie is driven, competent and diligent.  She has creative solutions to tough problems and has a great sense of timing, responsiveness and on point messaging.”

Dallas Woodhouse
Founder – Woodhouse Consulting

“Apryl Marie helped create and grow a thriving Florida chapter of Americans for Prosperity. She is very talented and passionate and very knowledgeable on the issues. We also enjoyed a few dances at conventions and she offered me forgiveness when I dropped her on her head a couple of times. :)”

Rick Oppenheim

“My firm, RB Oppenheim Associates, provided media relations, strategic counseling and PR support under Apryl Marie’s direction at FCCMH, with the two of us working closely on a number of complex and challenging initiatives for over 18 months. She continually impressed with her energy, vision, tenacity, strategic thinking, grasp of issues, understanding of legislative processes and attention to detail (particularly with regard to events). She sets the bar high — for herself and those around her. I am richer for knowing her and having had the opportunity to work with her.”

Jaret Glenn
Corporate Recruiter ABILITY Network

“Apryl Marie is a work horse. She is not bound by “business hours” or the regular “work week”. She works whenever the job calls for it and gets the job done right. She is extremely committed to any task that she takes on and would be an asset to any organization she joins. I have the utmost confidence in her ability to excel at any endeavour that she undertakes. Feel free to contact me directly for a reference.”

Steve Mullins
Chief Financial Officer

“Apryl Marie helped get the Florida chapter of AFP off the ground. She quickly worked to build a dynamic grass-roots organization that effectively organized against liberal excess coming out of Washington, DC. She also worked with donors in Florida to help fund the operations and considerably grew the budget of the state chapter.”